"Ghost Wallet" is an innovative technology which is a part of MCCX, a value investing project for strategic captialization of cryptocurrency. 

It's a wallet with every crypto bank system installed on and it allows the users to make transactions free of worry of being hacked with the use of color security codes.

"Ghost Pay", which is one of the functions of the Ghost Wallet that will be introduced to the world for the first time ever, works with every FinTech System in the world. With the one-time encryption code generating system, it vastly improves the flaws in the structure of the existing payment system which expose the information of the individual's credit/debit cards and assets.

The Story of MCCX Color Security Code

Color security code began from the world of light. The MCCX project, which contains this innovative technology that creates the world's only security code on its own, will revolutionize the finance field of business.

One-time Encryption Code System 

Based on Color Codes

Ghost Wallet is a non-hackable multi cryptocurrency wallet operated with color encryption code.

The color code that's generated with the pattern entered physically on the touchpanel of a smartphone using the one-time color code generating system of the Ghost Wallet will provide a one-time encryption code (similar to a one-time OTP method) to enable the user to make transactions easily and freely without exposing his/her personal assets by protecting the assets and accounts from the external intrusion.

One-time Color Code

Hacking through the transaction trace is prevented and the security is enhanced with the use of color code which is made through the one-time code generating system.

(The code is generated for one-time use only on a private device which maxmizes the security enhancement and it makes it impossible to be hacked through the pattern from outside.)


"The Crypto Bank system" of Ghost Wallet increases the asset value of cryptocurrency 

in the bank system through the stabilization of the market price of the secured 

cryptocurrency due to the increase in the amount of the possessed cryptocurrency set as collateral.

(A capitalization project that turns cryptocurrency into tangible assets)


MCCXF Crypto Bank allows the users to make transactions with their cryptocurrency on Trading Wallet safely using the one-time color code security system of the Ghost Wallet. Users can also keep their cryptocurrency in their Credit Wallet and set a new limit of the usage and use it as mobile payment on Ghost Pay.

Crypto Bank System

- A new concept of financial project to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

- A kind of loan system that sets the value of major coins(ex. Bitcoin) as collateral for cash use and sets limits on them to issue 'deferred crypto credit card'.

- Financial companies around the world are currently in the association(consortium) and the Ghost Wallet will be installed on Crypto Bank System.

Effects of Crypto Bank System

- There is a high expectation of revenue generation from technology provision, and the profit will be reflected in the MCCX coin market.

 - The Crypto Bank system increases the asset value of cryptocurrency in the bank system with the stabilization brought to the market by the increase in the amount of secured cryptocurrency that is set as collateral.


Next Generation FinTech: 

Ghost Pay

- P2P payment system with a new concept in the method of security which the user generates the security code directly with a one-time color code.

- Desired amount of payment is made safely with the one-time only code generated by the user only at the time when the transaction is being made.

- Existing card payment method: This is a passive payment method where the limit of the customer's card is handed over to the store and the store enters the payment amount for approval.

- MCCX Next Generation FinTech method: It is a consumer-centered payment method where the desired amount to be paid gets approved by the user on the smartphone first and gets handed over to the store in the form of a coupon.

Effects of Fintech


Extend the one-time limit payment method to real credit/debit cards

Resolve relatively weak security problems of the simple payment market compared to its size. (One-time color security code applied)

- Application of One-Time Security System and Protective Technology of Ghost Payment.

As an integral part of next-generation technology, it provides technology that works in the current system without replacing the existing business structure.

- Support the expansion of one-time security system not only for mobile payment but also for actual credit/debit cards.

- Intuitive and convenient with concise user-centeredness.

Effects of Ghost Card

- Create new revenue by developing and issuing physical plastic cards combined with Ghost Pay's FinTech

- New alternative to improve profitability which is taking a hit with the decrease in the revenue generated by the service charge on the credit cards along with the over all decrease in the amount of the cards being issued.

- Build a new next-generation model in the global fintech market by providing a base system that can be combined with various fintech technologies.




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